Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Time Period of the 1950's Costume for our Film.

1950’s costume research

For our thriller film idea, we are basing the time period in the 1950’s since mafias like we have in our storyline were around that time than they are today. In order to make the time period as realistic as possible, we are researching into the 1950’s fashion which we will use in our film.

In the 1950’s, poodle skirts, petticoats, pump and saddle shoes (plimsoles) were a fashion craze with many women of different ages, especially the younger ones. Many of the dresses in the 1950’s were knee-length and emphasised the waist and the shoulders. Dresses with full skirts (like in the picture on the right) were made to stick out wider by wire, rope or often nylon netting. Also, floral dresses were very popular in the summer.

Big hair or high ponytails were also a popular trend with the girls back then.

For men, jackets with broad shoulders, tight trousers and shirts (with long collars sticking out) with floral ties were popular in Europe. Some styles like this (picture on the left) were inspired by the Edwardian style suits which many young men wore in the Fifties. This was known as the British Teddy Boy subculture and this trend rapidly spread across the UK in the 1950’s, associating with American Rock and roll music. Some groups who were ‘Teddy Boys’ formed their own gangs who had violent clashes with rival gangs and threatened other people.

The rocker jacket with gelled back hair and jeans also was popular among young men to get a rocker look which most young men wanted to be considered as. This look was used a lot in films and television back then which is how it was inspired in the first place.
In our film we are also using hoods and we found out that they were invented in the 1930’s which means we are able to use them for our film. It also told us that the style and form of the hood dates back to the Middle Ages.

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