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Shot List Of All The Footage In Our Thriller Film

Shot List

Shot number
Shot type and description
A shot of a bird.
An establishing shot of the house
The camera pans with the victim while she is walking around the room in panic.
A quick zoom in is used onto the door knob that is turning to show someone is on the other side of the door.
A medium shot is used to show the victim is in panic that hides in a spot where the door will hide her when it is opened.
Big close-up of fear on the victim.
There is a two shot used in a form of a medium long shot where the antagonist comes in and stops in the middle of the shot.
The antagonist looks around the room without glancing her direction towards the victim. This is through a close-up shot.
There is a quick zoom in onto the bed that looks like someone is in it by all the pillows stuffed under the duvet.
A pan with a medium long shot frame is used to follow the antagonist as she talks over to the bed.
There is a very long shot as the antagonist puts her hand on the bed covers.
There is an over the shoulder shot as the antagonist pulls the covers to reveal the trick set up with pillows to fool the antagonist.
There is a shot of the door to show that the victim has escaped.
There is a dutch angle used with an over-the-shoulder shot to show the tension building as the antagonist realises what has happened.
There is a medium long shot of the antagonist who looks at the pillows and throws them to the floor by frustration.
There is a big close-up on the lock of the gate that is connected to the house as the victim opens it.
A medium long shot is used while the victim goes out of the gate.
A pan is used to follow the victim as she runs from the gate and down the path.
The leader of the organisation is asking for wine, where the other antagonist with the mask picks up the wine glass and bottle.
There is a close-up of the wine glass while the wine is poured into it.
From shot 19, there is a shot reverse shot to show that the antagonist is giving the leader her wine.
There is an extreme close-up as the leader of the organisation drinks the wine.
The antagonist who found the girl had escaped enters the dining room.
The shot cuts off the leader’s eyes to show hide a part of their identity. The shot is a close-up shot where the leader leans forward and turns to put her glass down.
There is a big close-up where the leader puts down her wine glass on the table.
There is a high angle shot on the path outside where the victims feet fun past
There is a two shot of the leader and the antagonist where the antagonist kisses the leaders hand and kneels down.
There is a medium close-up and a tilt as the antagonist looks up towards the leader.
The shot of the leader’s eyes are cut off again where the leader uses her hand to tell the antagonist to rise and tell her what the matter is.
As the antagonist stands up there is a tilt up to follow this movement. In the same shot, the camera pans with them as well when they go to the leader’s side to whisper in her ear.
The girl who escaped is running towards the camera that is at ground level.
The leader antagonists hand clenches up in anger.
The antagonist steps away from the leader’s ear in caution. Close-up shot from side of the face.
The leader gets up slowly and is about to slap the antagonist for letting the girl escape.
There is a close-up shot on the candle sticks and the flames go out to represent the force of the slap.
The antagonist is clutching her face in pain and is on the floor while the leader curses at her.
There is a medium close-up as the leader slumps back down into her chair.
The antagonist gets up on her knees and faces the leader. She reaches out for her hand.
There is a shot of the leader and the antagonist’s hand where the leader is just about to take her hand away.
There is a shot reverse shot here where the antagonist is at the leader’s side again, and the leader takes her hand away.
The camera is on the ground outside with the victim running towards the camera to show that they are running away.
The other antagonist who poured the leaders wine is in a medium close-up, and she walks in the direction of the other two, out of shot.
There is a small pan where the servant antagonist who poured the wine, goes towards the other antagonist, and is about to pull her up.
There is a small high angle as the antagonist is pulled forcefully.
The antagonist is spun around and pushed harshly in the direction of the door. The antagonist walks away to the door and looks at the leader for the last time to try and get her to forgive her.
There is a close-up of the antagonist as she walks out of the door.
The last shot of this scene is with the leader whose arm is over her eyes in shame.
The next scene begins where there is a pan and a fast zoom in as the girl runs towards the gate to get out of there. However, the gate won’t open.
The next shot is on the other side of the gate where you can see the antagonist who was chucked out of the room is coming behind her.
There is an extreme close-up of the girl’s eyes that are in fear because she has heard something.
The girl is in a close-up shot with her eyes listening out for the sound. The antagonist is walking towards her, but stops with the knife in her hand. A focus pull is used.
There is a quick whip shot in a form of the pan as the girl turns around quickly to see if anything is there. The antagonist has disappeared.
In fear, the girl runs into the forest where a pan is used to follow her as she does. The shot pans back to an obstacle near the gate where the antagonist comes out of who is staring in the direction of the girl.
The antagonist is in a medium close-up where the camera tilts down to reveal the knife in her hand properly.
There is another pan where is follow the girl running through the woods.
The next shot is a Dutch angle where the camera is on the ground as the girl runs past.
The antagonist is in medium close-up, where she is walking towards the camera.
The handheld tracking shot used behind the girl as she is running is used to show her anxiety.
There is a point of view shot where the camera movement is handheld and moving forwards to show the girl’s movement. The antagonist comes out from behind a tree with her knife in hand.
There is a side shot of a medium close-up where the girl stops in her tracks.
The next shot is a high angle of the girls feet where the camera move back as she does. The girl starts to fall over.
Shot 62 is where the girl falls onto the floor in a long shot frame.
The camera is from behind the girl, but is in a shot where you can see the antagonist coming towards her.
There is an extreme close-up of the victim’s eyes in fear.
The very last shot is where the antagonist walks towards the camera so we do not know what has really happened to the girl.

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