Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Codes and Conventions of a Thriller Film

The common codes and conventions of a thriller film.
·         Dark, moody lightning that cast shadows.
·         A twist at the end.
·         The antagonist or villain is hidden.
·         Everyday setting.
·         It could be about supernatural sifi or about war, paranormal,etc.
·         Play on common fears.
·         Mixes with other genres.
·         The audience may be slightly confused at the beginning of what’s going on, but somewhere in the middle or late beginning of the thriller, the audience realise what is happening by the film having something happen to explain it.
·         No sound motives.
·         Music is in a minor key of an orchestral (moody and creepy).
·         Many close-ups to show anguish.
·         Rapid editing to enhance suspense.
·         Common micro elements.
·         Intelligent.
·         Crime.
·         Sense of risk.
·         Protagonist in mortal danger.
·         The things that happen in society such as rape or burglary.
·         Titles!
·         Macro elements are the micro elements meaning or reminiscent. For example, red text could mean danger, blood, and death. The red text would be the micro elements and the danger, blood and death meaning would be the macro elements.

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