Saturday, 7 May 2011

Props List

Props List

·       Candle stick with red candles

The use of ‘red’ suggests danger, blood or death which would be good for our thriller because it involves murder.

·     Elegant glass for the leader/boss of the organisation
                                                                                                                                                  This glass will contain red wine in the filming which also symbolises danger, blood and death. When they drink it, it will look as though he is drinking blood which makes the audience feel disturbed.

·       An armchair for the leader/boss to sit in
This chair looks mighty and very posh think reflects the leader’s personality.

·       Table

A table to place the wine, wine bottle and candle sticks on.
·       Wine bottle

The leader has a whole wine bottle to herself which shows that he is a greedy and selfish person.

·       A knife

A knife is a menacing and dangerous weapon used in the scene in the woods to show how the organisation member kills the girl. This creates tension. 

·       Pillows and a bed

We need pillows for the scene where the victim escapes because the pillows will be put under the bed to make it look like someone is under the covers.

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