Saturday, 7 May 2011

Long Term Planning Sheet

Long term planning sheet

Week one
Begin to plot initial ideas. Everyone in the group will put forwards an idea that they think would make a good thriller story; they also have to come up with the shot types and camera movements.

Week two
A questionnaire will be created to decide on which film idea we use. A questionnaire will be created to decide on a suitable name, also a

Week three
The props list will be made and the price of the props will have to be calculated. The group will discuss the script before helping to put it together.

Week four
Research will be done about the fashion during the time period set for the film, Costumes will be discussed and the shots list will be plotted..

Week five
A decision will be made about costume and the location will be confirmed, a suitable time period will of already been selected to suit the finally film idea.

Week six
Take photos of location and props.

Week seven
Test shots will be taken.

Week eight
Get props, costume and equipment together and begin to film. The film will be split into units: interior shots and exterior shots. On this week, we will be filming interior shots in Teresa’s scene, and Sophie’s scene where she finds the girl is missing. We will film the inside shots first because the weather will be unpredictable in the winter.

Week nine
The footage from the interior shots will be watched and mistakes will be re filmed. We will experiment with the editing techniques on the Apple Mac’s with this footage, and then film the exterior shots where we will also edit these.

Week Ten
We will add titles and music to our film, where we will edit the music to fit with the film, so the loud parts of the music fit with the footage that creates the most tension.

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