Saturday, 7 May 2011

Location for our Thriller Film.

Location for our thriller film

This is the house that we are using to film for the inside scene, as well as having an establishing shot at the beginning to show where the film is based. This house is also very old and was around in the 1950’s, so this is a reliable location to match our time period.

This is the room we are using in the house for the scene where the leader of the organisation is told the bad news that one of the prisoners has escaped by one of his workers. As you can see, it has an old design and old-fashioned interior which will also fit with out 1950’s time period.

The main part of our film however, is in the wood which looks like this:

This is where most of the action happens in the film, and as you can see it looks quite busy and gloomy which is what we want to create a tense atmosphere for the part in the film where the girl is killed by an organisation member.  When we have filmed in the woods, we will take the footage and edit the lighting to make it a bit darker which will increase the dark mood, but allow the audience to still be able to see all the detail in the film.

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