Saturday, 7 May 2011

Font Types for our Thriller Film

Font Types
Dark Secrets (Algerian).
This font has a shadow effect with the use of fine lines used to make a good thriller (shadows is a code and convention to make a good thriller) and create the common fear of darkness. It also looks fancy to reflect the rich and secret mafia our plot is based on.
Dark Secrets (Blackadder ITC).
This font is also fancy to reflect the plot, but it has wobbly letters and swirly capitals (the letter ‘D’ and ‘S’) to almost looks like plants or weeds. This also helps the plot or setting because most of our opening is set in the woods.
This font looks creepy and eerie because of the ink-like written font that has a splattered effect (like paint) that almost looks like dripping blood. This would be good for our thriller because the opening involves a murder.
Dark Secrets (Magneto).
This looks like a fancy and 50’s like font which would benefit the mafia in our play because mafias were around mainly in that time period. However, it does not have a creepy feel to it which a thriller mainly has.

Dark Secrets (Vladimir Script). This is also an old and fancy font which reflects the mafia in our film, but it also does not have a scary side to it, therefore it does not have the code and convention of a thriller we need.
Dark Secrets (Edwardian Script ITC).
This is also posh and Victorian which shows that the mafia or organisation is old. However, this font is graceful which is not what we want the audience to feel when watching our thriller.
This reminds me of rough handwriting which looks rushed and rapid which is a code and convention of a thriller. However, is not posh or fancy so it does not reflect the old mafia. On the other hand, it almost looks like branches to contribute the scene in the woods.
Dark Secrets (Forte).
This is a bubbly, but dark font which may correspond with the common fear of darkness, but we do not want a uplifting feeling towards our film.
DARK SECRETS (Footlight MT Light). This is bold and creepy font that also has a fancy or royal side to it which suits the idea of the mafia well. It is also got fine lines and sharp points (like the line between the letter ‘E’ which reminds us of a knife or weaponry which is danger) which corresponds well with the murder idea.
Dark Secrets (Gigi).
This is a rough and fancy font which is good to show the old and rich mafia, with the rough side of it to show they are evil. On the other hand, the swirly shapes of the letters are elegant and the font has a girly feel to it.
Dark Secrets (old English text Mt).
This is a bold and gothic font which has a medieval side to it. It is dark and almost religious which helps support the idea of the time period we were basing our film on (1950s) and shows the audience that this mafia are evil and believe in their doings of their organisation (murder).

From these 11 fonts, the one we think is best for our thriller film is Footlight Mt Light (DARK SECRETS). We think this is the best because the font connotes all the ideas we have to include in our film such as the set period (1950’s) because the font looks old fashioned and the bold, dark letters are used to bring up the common fear of darkness. This font creates tension because of the fears brought up and the capitals used to almost yell the name in the audience’s face (since capitals are used to exaggerate shouting).

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